Hillary Is Considered One OF The Most Ethical Leaders In History. So Here’s What The GOP Does:

Hillary Is Considered One OF The Most Ethical Leaders In History. So Here’s What The GOP Does:

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a long time. She first appeared decades ago when her husband was elected to the position of governor in Arkansas. Hillary Clinton has been a fairly visible and sometimes controversial public figure ever since. She did successfully run for office and became a senator from New York. She was appointed Secretary of Defense under President Obama. She was remembered for fighting for healthcare reform even while she was just first lady. This is a record that many people would be proud of having. Unfortunately, a concerted effort has been made to blatantly lie about and distort most of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments.

Hillary Clinton and her husband have been drawing the ire of Conservatives for decades. This unjustified hatred has resulted in everything from bizarre rumors and conspiracy theories to multimillion-dollar government investigations that turned up nothing illegal. The battle against Clinton did not end when her husband left office. It continued as she started to rise in her own independent political career. There are now over 30 years of misinformation behind Clinton that can often be hard to see through. The misinformation continues even to this day as Hillary draws closer to potentially securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

A major problem has been that Hillary Clinton is attacked from all sides. Conservatives and Republicans are constantly attributing everything bad in the world to Clinton in some way. The mainstream media enables those lies and distortions. Reporters like Maureen Dowd have an almost pathological and personal hatred for the Clintons that leads to constant streams of articles about why she is such a bad person. Democrats have lately started to attack Hillary as well by repeating some of the smears and misinformation that the Conservative media have been putting out for years.

The major problem with all of this is that Hillary Clinton is not the person she is portrayed to be. No evidence has ever been found showing that Hillary Clinton did anything illegal or unethical over the previous decades. All investigations into her behaviors, business dealings and political campaigns have come up with nothing to show. This is true even of the recent Benghazi hearings where Representative Trey Gowdy come out looking like a fool after being unable to show any wrongdoing on the part of Clinton. That exchange resulted in Gowdy holding all future witness testimony behind closed doors.

The propaganda against Hillary Clinton has been incredibly effective. This is not surprising since millionaires like Paul Singer and powerful operatives like Karl Rove spend time and money to push false narratives. Many of those have stuck especially with Republicans. Some people today still think Hillary murdered people, stole money or somehow single-handedly caused Benghazi to occur. Democrats who want to see Senator Bernie Sanders elected are lobbing those lies at her campaign today. There does not seem to be an end in sight to the hate machine that has welled up over the years around Hillary and her family.

There is hope, however. Although it confuses people like Joe Scarborough, Karl Rove and Dick Morris, the majority of voters actually see through the lies and misinformation. This is why Hillary has such a strong position in the polls right now. She is in a race with Bernie Sanders but easily beats every Republican candidate in the field right now. This means that much of the voting public either understands the propaganda campaign against Hillary or actively chooses to ignore it until real evidence is presented against her. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, then expect to see even more vitriol, hatred and lies until her term in office ends.

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