Hillary Clinton: the US Should ‘Take Out’ Assad’s Air Fields

Hillary Clinton: the US Should ‘Take Out’ Assad’s Air Fields

If there is anyone who knows a great deal about the instability in Syria, it is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Although she has mostly stayed out of the public eye after the stunning election results in November, she recently returned to public life with an interview at the Women in the World Summit in New York.

After heartbreaking images were circulated of Syrians who had been injured and killed in a chemical attack, Clinton was compelled to state her opinion on the matter. Commenting that the U.S. should take out the airfields of leader of Bashar al-Assad, Secretary Clinton did not pull any punches when asked for her opinion of the increasingly desperate situation in Syria. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump did authorize a missile strike to disable Syria’s military later on that day.

However, Clinton cautioned that just one strike wouldn’t be enough to stop Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Pointing out that the United States needed a long-term strategy for dealing with Syria, the former senator and First Lady asserted her belief that there needs to be a comprehensive plan for how the United States deals with Syria—not just random strikes here and there.

As it seems fairly obvious that Trump has issues with foreign policy from time to time, it probably is good that Clinton is speaking out on behalf of those with more experience.

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