Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Ben Carson’s ‘NO Muslim President’ Comment With One Tweet

Earlier this week, Presidential candidate Ben Carson responded to a question about whether he would be comfortable with a Muslim President by admitting that he would not. The question came in the aftermath of a campaign event in which Donald Trump received a comment from a VERY racist audience member who accused Muslims of plotting to kill Americans and President Obama of being a Muslim himself. It was a horrifying, ugly question. And the Trump nodded in accordance with it.

Trump’s lack of response and Carson’s answer have set off a firing squad of criticism. One of the people most vocal in her criticism was former First Lady and current Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Hill-Dog took to Twitter with a quote from article VI of the U. S. Constitution as a reminder that: there has never been a religious requirement associated with the holding of office in the United States.

Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Ben Carson’s ‘NO Muslim President’ Comment With One Tweet

Yes in fact a Muslim can be the President of the United States. “Now let’s move on.”

Clinton’s appeal to the Constitution makes it nearly impossible for the Republican candidates to argue with her. In fact, Presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz both made a point of distancing themselves from Carson’s remarks (they have their own controversy to deal with after their endorsement of Kim Davis).

For his part, however, Carson has not retracted his comments. His insistence on defending a statement that is both unconstitutional and bigoted has led the Council on American-Islamic Relations cliing for him to revoke his bid for the Presidency. Whether this incident will significantly damage his chances remains to be seen. But it doesn’t change the fact: Ben Carson is a damned fool.

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