Hilarious, Low-Budget Animal Shelter Commercial Is The Internet’s New Favorite New

It can be hard to capture the public’s attention, but one clever animal shelter in Georgia seems to have done the job. All eyes are on FurKids Animal Rescue and Shelter, a non-profit pet rescue in Atlanta, thanks to their new brilliant viral video.

With a small budget and a lot of talent, the staff at FurKids put together this hilarious ad and posted it to their Facebook account. It quickly went viral and now the shelter is embracing its newfound celebrity and hoping to help more animals.

The star of the video is not a professional comedian, though he’s as funny as one. You probably don’t recognize Paul Preston, but that might change soon. He got the role through his sister, who volunteers with FurKids. Preston cracks jokes about the feline shelter residents and pleads with viewers to adopt a pet. He has quick timing and some really knock-out lines, including a pun that involves kittens. This talent has gotten him tons of attention as the video went viral.

He’s not the only star of the show, however. Another volunteer pretends to be an arms-waving, inflatable creature, attracting attention to the shelter’s front door. And, of course, there are the cats themselves. There are cats in cat beds, cats in baskets, cats giving high-fives, and cats looking longingly at the camera. One cat is seen running on an enormous wheel, like a hamster. Another sits in a giant box with his head poking out. There’s even a dog on site, although you get the feeling he might be just visiting.

The finale of the ad is worth waiting for. Accompanied by the familiar sound of an acoustic guitar, a clear falsetto sings out, and viewers will probably recognize the tune. If you’ve ever seen one of the heartbreaking ASPCA ads featuring the music of Sarah MacLachlan, you’ll get the joke. Fortunately, the cats in this video don’t look like they’re suffering too badly. Like all shelter animals, they’re just looking for a new home.

The staff and volunteers at FurKids Animal Rescue and Shelter are hoping to capitalize on their sudden fame and help the cats that are in their care. People are encouraged to stop by their location in Atlanta, Georgia, and to consider adopting one of their adorable cats. Adoption saves lives, and every cat that FurKids can take in is one less that is stuck in a traditional shelter. If you’re in the area and looking for a cat companion, you can check out FurKids on their Facebook book or stop by during their regular hours.

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