Here’s What Happened To ISIS After Obama Drops THIS Strategic Bomb On Them

It’s been known that one one of the most atrocious terrorist groups ever, the ISIS, has been raising plenty of money from multiple sources. These include selling oil, taxing locals (especially the infidel Christians and Yazidis), selling human organs and looted ancient works of art.

Due to the collapse in oil prices, the terrorists have seen their budget cut. On top of it, the coalition forces regained from ISIS’s hands about 40% of previously held territory in Iraq and another 20% in Syria. Such major cities as Tikrit and Ramadi have been liberated.

With fewer infidels under occupation, few taxes are being paid. It’s not clear, though, whether the terrorists will exploit the locals even harder to make up for lost revenues.

That’s not the last blow ISIS has taken in the past few days. As the latest reports indicate, a building holding ISIS cash has been blown up by the coalition forces, destroying millions of dollars in cash.

This has led to a tough decision- the pay of terrorist fighters employed by ISIS is getting cut. The fighters have been making between $400 and $,1200 per month plus benefits in the form of stipends for their many wives and children.

Meanwhile, skilled professionals, including engineers, have been paid $1,500 a month, a rather substantial pay in this worn-torn area of the world.

The evil caliphate feels financial pressure in addition to losing its territory. It’s not clear how it will pay for continued public services it’s so far been providing. Perhaps, this is the beginning of the end of this terrorist-held territory. The sooner, the better.

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