Here’s The Women Misogynist Creep Donald Trump Has Degraded Over The Years

Donald Trump doesn’t hide much when he deals with the public; it’s one of the reasons he decided to run for President. On the surface, he tells it how it is and isn’t afraid of the repercussions his opinions may carry because he says what needs to be said about the government and how it should be run. However, everyone seems to have forgotten what kind of person Donald Trump is and always will be. Except for FOX journalist Megyn Kelly, who recently confronted the GOP presidential candidate about his sexist and misogynist behavior. Trump responded with a joke about his previous feud with Rosie O’Donnel as his only victim, but Kelly was quick to point out more than just O’Donnel. It turns out that Trump’s chauvinism is well recorded.

Cher expressed her feelings about Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election and in turn Trump ridiculed her looks.

Women of Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice, have all had things to say about Trump’s sexism and harassment and some YouTube diving will pull up plenty of videos backing their claims.

Angelina Jolie was target of Donald Trump’s blatant sexism when he declared that “she’s not beauty” because he knows what real beauty is.

Gail Collins is a respected writer for the New York Times and when she wrote a piece on Donald Trump, she received a message from the man himself – a copy of her article, her picture circled with the comment “The Face of a Dog” written on it.

Gloria Allred is an attorney who had been representing a transgendered woman in the case of being disqualified from competing in the Miss Universe pageant and Trump’s reaction to her effort was offering to show the female attorney his genitals and thinking she’d be impressed by the action.

The most recent attack was Donald Trump telling a female lawyer that she was disgusting for taking a scheduled break during her deposition to pump breast milk for her newborn.

Megyn Kelly’s statement on Donald Trump’s sexism isn’t only bold, but is something everyone should pay attention to when they think of this man as a possible candidate for presidency.

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