Here’s The Easiest Trick Ever To Get Kids To Stop Interrupting You. So Smart!

Children enrich their parents’ lives in many ways. They bring joy and laughter. They also make life worth living. However, children sometimes get on their parents’ nerves. They have a tendency to interrupt people during the most inopportune times. The good news is that there is a simple thing you can do in order to keep your children from interrupting you.

Kate is a mom and the creator of a blog called an Everyday Story. She stated that she had recently visited her friend and her son interrupted her. Kate did not get upset with her son. She placed her hand over his. She was able to continue the conversation she was having with her friend without any interruptions.

Body language is extremely important. Holding the child’s hand shows them that they matter. It also shows them that you have their attention. That is why a child is likely to wait until you are finished with whatever you are doing before bothering you again.

Kate admitted that she had to try this method several times before it worked on her children. She had to explain to the children why she held their hands. However, she is happy to report that her children no longer interrupt her.

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