Here’s A Map of the World According to Donald Trump – And Boy Is It Messed Up

A hilarious new map of the world has been released online just in time for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This map, which is called “The World According to Donald Trump,” has gone viral all around the world. The designer of this latest satirical map of the world is none other than the artist Yanko Tsvetkov.

Tsvetkov told reporters that he just tried to use sentiments expressed by the Republican hopeful to express an authentic and humorous take on Trump’s worldview. While the whole world is getting very tense about the results of this major election, Tsvetkov felt it would be good to release his work and help people have a quick laugh.

Here’s A Map of the World According to Donald Trump – And Boy Is It Messed Up

In North America, we can see that the USA is simply “Trump,” Canada is for “Softies,” and Mexico is just a country full of “Rapists.” Of course, Trump has been extremely critical of illegal immigration from Mexico throughout his campaign. Indeed, one of the slogans often heard at Trump rallies is “build the wall,” referring to a proposed wall between the USA and Mexico.

References to Trump’s wall proposal can also be found all over this map. One funny example is China, which simply says “Wall Experts” across it. Perhaps Tsvetkov thinks Trump will try to borrow a few techniques the Chinese used to construct the Great Wall of China if Trump gets into the White House.

Of course, Muslim extremism has also been a hot button issue in this U.S. campaign for presidency. According to this map, apparently all of the people in the Middle East and northern Africa are “Terrorists” for Donald Trump. That certainly simplifies Trump’s screening process for future American immigration.

The rest of Africa, besides South Africa, is called “Obama’s Homeland.” This is a reference to Trump’s criticism of President Obama’s birth certificate a few years ago.

Continuing the theme of Islamic extremism, Tsvetkov wrote “New Mecca” across all of Europe. Tsvetkov also wrote “Anti-Muslim Moat (built by the Founding Father)” across the Atlantic Ocean.

Throughout the map, Tsvetkov sprinkled a few new “Trump Towers” that Tsvetkov feels Trump might want to build around the world. The tower designs Tsvetkov uses, which is obviously phallic, may have to do with the recently released tapes of Trump bragging about his sexual conquests. Or they may just have to do with Trump’s inflated ego. Or perhaps both.

Tsvetkov really took his time putting together this map. He told reporters that he wanted to capture the essence of Donald Trump’s personality. When asked what he thought of Trump personally, Tsvetkov said that Trump is just like a “rural alcoholic” whose only political training was done in a “pub.” Tsvetkov also compared Trump to the stereotypical old racist uncle.

Here’s A Map of the World According to Donald Trump – And Boy Is It Messed Up

If you’ve never heard of Tsvetkov before, you’ve probably seen some of his work in the past. This Bulgarian artist has made some of the most unique and popular maps according to different people and groups for many years. People interested in looking at more of these funny maps can check out Tsvetkov’s book Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection. Some other maps produced by Tsvetkov include a map of Europe according to Marie Le Pen, the world according to a Facebook user, and the world according to Ancient Rome.

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