Here Are The Reasons Intelligent People Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

Here Are The Reasons Intelligent People Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

The following are reasons why intelligent people have the hardest time finding love:

Intelligent People Get Too Analytical About their Prospective Partners

Intelligent people understand that sexual attraction is not the main basis for a relationship. For this reason, they tend to be very analytical with respect to their dates’ personalities and also how the two of them interact. They also think about what their future with that other person will be like. Instead of simply allowing chemistry to dictate, they are very intellectually caught up in the date. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but they should let things proceed a little bit more naturally.

Intelligent People Know That It’s Better to Remain Alone Than to Be with the Wrong Person

This is also not a bad thing. They seem to be right that a bad relationship can make your life miserable. They are so committed to finding the right person that they’ll abstain if that person doesn’t come along.

Smart People Are Cognizant of the Fact That Relationships often End

It’s not they are being unduly negative. They are right statistically. Most marriages end in divorce nowadays. For this reason, they may take things a little too slowly or have commitment issues. However, when the right person comes along, they hold onto them.

Intelligent People Can Be Intimidating

Smart people are not only intimidating to the unintelligent. They are intimidating to other intelligent people. The other person might be concerned that you are more successful than they are in life. In turn, you may be concerned about it as well.

Smart People Are Good at Protecting Themselves

They are very aware of the fact that dating can be an emotionally dangerous thing. For this reason, they erect barriers to prevent themselves from getting deeply involved too quickly. Sometimes, their caution can stop the relationship from gelling.

In conclusion, intelligent people can be a challenge to date for many reasons. However, in the long run, their intelligence will make them a sensitive and interesting partner if your relationship can survive the problems.

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