Her Wedding Slideshow Causes The Most Precious Response From 2-Year-Old Daughter. AWW

When parents look through older pictures, they sometimes become tearful. This could be because the pictures make them think about happy times that they want to see again, or they could think about times when their children were younger, wanting those days back because their children are getting older.

One little girl heard the wedding song of her parents as the mother was looking at a slideshow of the occasion. The little girl had a surprise for the mother of her thoughts about the song.

The song played at the wedding is Feels Like Home. When the little girl heard this song, she started crying. Each time she hears the song, she begins crying. The tears last for about as long as the song is played. When the song is over, the girl stops crying. This could be a song that pulls at the little girl’s heart, or it could be select words in the song that have an effect on the child.

This display of affection shows that even the youngest have hearts. They have a desire to feel loved, and they have emotions that need to be displayed just like adults. Songs sometimes have the ability to bring out the best in people as well as emotions some don’t think about.

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