Her Text Caused A Deadly Crash, But What One Of Her Victim’s Message Is? Wise Beyond Her Years

In April of 2011, Aimmee was on her way home. It was sunny on the country road and everything seemed fine. The day took a turn when a speeding driver smashed head-on into her car. Aimee was rushed to the hospital with very serious injuries. She lost her left leg from the knee down and has metal in every limb. Along with that, she also has a stint in her heart. That’s not the worst of it though.

At the time of the crash, she was six months pregnant. The baby didn’t survive. Due to the force of the impact, doctors also had to give her a hysterectomy. She can’t have any children of her own.

Aimee now uses her life to help keep people from driving while distracted. She got a personalized license plate that says “DNT TEXT” and talks with people to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

The young woman who caused the accident was going approximately 75 miles-per-hour and was texting at the time the accident occurred. She walked away with nothing but a ticket, despite the pain and loss that Aimee feels. Her name was not released by the media while the story was being covered.

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