Her Son Died In 2013. 3 Years Later, She Experienced Something She Never Believed Possible

Heather’s son was only 7 months old when he died in 2013. He was being cared for by his babysitter when he died. Heather decided to make sure her son lived on in others, so she donated his organs.

Jordan is a young girl who received one of those organs. She is 4 years old, and she was able to receive the baby’s heart. Jordan had been in hospitals several times since she was born because of defects. Heather and Jordan were able to meet soon after the transplant.

A stethoscope was held against Jordan’s chest so that Heather could hear her baby’s heart beating again. A bear was designed by Jordan with a recording of the heartbeat so that Heather would always have it with her. The moment when Heather hears the sound of the heartbeat is seen on video.

It is one that is filled with emotion for everyone who is there. The young mother did something to help others in the wake of losing her child. She only wants parents to know that there is hope and that there is a way to survive when children are taken too early. Tears of joy can be seen on HEather’s face as soon as she hears the heartbeat and while talking to Jordan about her recovery.

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