Her Pup Died Due Of A *Tragic* Mistake, And The Killer Is Likely In Your Home Right Now

Anyone who has ever had a pet die knows that it can be a very heartbreaking. Pets become a part of the family. They not only provide companionship, but they also comfort us. It is even more tragic to lose a pet when the death was something that could have been prevented.

Accidents happen, and they often end tragically. The Carress family is pleading with dog owners to not leave gum out. The family stated that their two year-old dog got ate some sugar-free gum while they were out. The dog ended up getting very sick and suffering liver failure.

The dog eventually had to be euthanized because the family was not able to afford the $20,000 procedure she needed. Not only was the procedure expensive, but there was only a small chance that it would save her life.

The gum had xylitol in it. Xylitol is a sweetener used in many products. It is poisonous when it is consumed by dogs. The Caress family is devastated and say that the dog was like their first child. They also did not know that something so common could kill their dog. That is why they are warning other pet owners leaving gum around.

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