Her Husband Left For a Younger Woman After 37 Years! Now See How She Gets The Last Laugh…

Her Husband Left For a Younger Woman After 37 Years! Now See How She Gets The Last Laugh…

When a man named Jake dumped his wife of 37 years, Edith, for his much younger employee, Edith decided that living well was the best revenge. Jake and his lover demanded that they move into the house that Jake and Edith had shared during their years together. This meant that Jake was heartlessly giving Edith only 96 hours to pack up and move out. But that wasn’t a problem for her, she was packed and ready to leave in only 24.

While she waited for the movers to arrive, and transport her belongings, she treated herself to one final feast of shrimp and caviar on the dining room table where she had served so many loving meals to her cheating spouse. The meal inspired her … Edith went into each and every room of her soon-to-be-former home and stuffed shrimp shells dipped in caviar into all of the hollow curtain rods. Then she cleared up her dinner from the dining room table and left with a knowing smile on her face.

When Jake and his mistress took up residence in the house, things were fine until some mysterious and terrible smell began to develop around the third day after the move-in. They tried everything to cover up the hideous odor: pest exterminators, cleaning the air ducts, even replacing the carpeting – all to no avail. When they finally couldn’t stand the stench any longer, Jake and his girlfriend abandoned the cursed placed and put it on the market without a second thought. But no real estate agent was able to interest even one in a place that smelled so horribly rotten, even when the house was sharply discounted.

Soon Edith learned that the rotting seafood delicacies had forced Jake and his lover from their old house. Edith called Jake up and told him that she really missed the old place for sentimental reasons, and Jake (the fool) quickly agreed to quickly sell it to her for one-tenth of his original asking price. Edith quickly agreed to the offer and signed the deed that very same day. Within a week’s time, Jake and his girlfriend had the movers pack up everything to move to their new location.

Not wanting to leave anything behind for Edith, the selfish lovers even instructed the movers to pack the curtain rods to use in their new home. They weren’t going to leave Edith anything. These days, Edith seems to have a permanent smile stuck on her face, just knowing how truly rotten her ex-husband’s relationship must smell by now. She seems quite happy to finally be living in that giant old house all alone.

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