Her Father Wasn’t Alive To Be At Her Wedding, So Her Brother Took His Place. Heart Breaking!

Losing a parent is incredibly devastating, and it can be incredibly hard to have to deal with this loss at what would otherwise be a joyous event, such as a wedding. Andrea Stocking’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer only a few months before she got married.

Though it is awful that her father could not be at her wedding, her brother found an amazing way to show his love for both Andrea and their late father.

The traditional father-daughter dance at the reception is often an important and emotional part of the wedding day. However, since her father could not be there, her brother, Nick, made an emotional and meaningful speech about their father, who was not able to be at the wedding. He then told the audience that he had put together something special that would honor their father as well as his newly married sister.

Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” is a common song to be played during the father-daughter dance, and it was the song that Andrea’s sister danced to with their father on her wedding day. What Nick did was record himself singing this emotional song, and he had every male member of the family dance with Andrea, including their grandfather, her brothers, and at the end her new father-in-law.

Of course, as soon as Andrea hears her brother’s voice singing the song, she tears up. It is clearly very emotional for everyone when all of her partners take turns on the dance floor with her.

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