Her Father Bet She Wouldn’t Hit The High Note Of The National Anthem, She Proves Him So WRONG!

America’s national anthem is famous. This may seem like an obvious statement. Of course a national anthem is famous. That is the entire point of making one song the official song of an entire country. However, America’s national anthem is famous for something particularly devilish. “The Star Spangled Banner” is notoriously difficult to sing.

Everyone recognizes those impossibly high notes near the end of the song. How many times have you heard your neighbor at a baseball game drop an octave just so they don’t have to hear their voice crack at that critical part? Those high notes at the end have been the bane of many singers. It was supposed to be the bane of one father’s daughter as well. However, the daughter had other plans. This is what happened to the young Lexi Walker recently.

Lexi was chosen to sing the national anthem at a local sporting event. Perhaps as motivation, her father playfully bet Lexi wouldn’t be able to hit those impossibly high notes at the end of the song. Little Lexi took that bet to heart when she took the field for her performance. She made her way flawlessly through the easy portions of the song.

You can feel her excitement as she approaches those critical high notes. Finally, she arrives at those tricky notes, and she nails them perfectly! The crowd afterwards clearly was impressed. Most of all, Lexi’s father was immensely proud. It looks like Lexi is going to be able to get something good from her father for winning that bet!

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