Her Dog Has 2 Puppies – But When She Looks Inside The Dog’s Mouth, She Sees THIS!

When it comes to all God’s creatures great and small, each one can teach us important lessons about life. Today, we have one such story about a 3-year-old, Jack Russell Terrier mix named Anabelle living in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. If this little tale doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, then probably nothing else will.

Anabelle had given birth to a litter of two adorable puppies, but apparently, her brood was going to double in size miraculously. Her owner Kristy Shar said, “God wanted her to have two more,” and so it was.

A friend had just brought two orphaned kittens into the family home at the time Annabelle was giving birth. The abandoned kittens were only four weeks old and not getting enough nourishment. At first, the kittens ate from a dropper, but it just wasn’t the same as nursing from a mother. That’s when Mama Anabelle stepped in. This wonderful, loving dog allowed the baby kittens to nurse from her, along with her new pups. She also began grooming them, as she did with her own litter.

It was quite a sight to behold. There was Annabelle, now a mom to four wonderful, baby creatures. Kristy says that her dog is more protective of the kittens, and she often carries them around in her mouth to protect them. Even though the kittens aren’t Annabelle’s and don’t carry the scent of canines, her mothering instinct to take on the role of caretaker is greater than anything else.

“I really think she has accepted them all as her own. No questions asked,” Kristy explained.

She believes this four-legged family has brought light to her own family situation, because Kristy has a blended family herself.

“We obviously have a miracle family here.”

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