Her Dog Asks Her For Food. But Just Wait Til You See What They Dog On The Ground Does..LOL

Dog owners sometimes teach their furry friends how to sit, how to lay down and how to shake. One woman has a dog that asks for her food. She tells the dog gentle, and the response that the dog gives is unbelievable.

There are several huskies that the woman has, and they all know their table manners. The dogs know that there is a certain time when snacks are served. Before the owner got the dogs on a schedule and taught them how to be gentle, she was being bitten on the fingers when the dogs would get their snacks.

It took some patience, but when the woman has snacks in her hand and says gentle to her huskies, they will carefully eat the snacks from her hand. She can feed them almost any kind of snack without getting her fingers nibbled on while they are eating. The dogs will calmly sit at her feet while she prepares their snacks.

She says huskies, and they turn their heads to look at her. As one of the dogs gets up, the other tries to put a paw on his head to keep him at bay while he gets his snack. The dog smells the treat before eating it from her fingers in a gentle manner.

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