Her Baby Was Coming Home From Day Care Suspiciously Tired. What She Uncovers? SICKENING

Most parents can tell when their child is behaving differently after a day at daycare. One infant, who was normally bubbly on the way home, was very tired. This was unusual, and the parents knew that they had to do something to find out what happened with the baby while at daycare.

The business is located in Oklahoma. It is being investigated after reports that the owner was giving the children drugs to make them sleepy and to make them be quiet. The staff were also giving the children drugs. Benadryl is one of the things that has been given to children at the daycare, but there could be more substances found after the investigation is complete.

The owner gave the medication to the children to get them to go to sleep. Officers are suggesting that the owner be charged with child abuse, but some parents feel that that’s not enough. Someone who worked at the center alerted officers about the medication that was being given.

Other employees have since made reports against the owner. A few years ago, a young child died because of taking Benadryl. It clearly states on the bottle that the medication shouldn’t be given to children under the age of two. If children this young take the medication, they could stop breathing.

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