Her Babies Died Due To Abuse By Some Cruel People. But Her Rescuers Have The Best Surprise

A man and his daughter stopped in at the man’s office one afternoon. While they were inside, they saw smoke in the distance. It wasn’t a large amount of smoke, so it likely wasn’t from a home.

They saw when they got close to the smoke that a nest with Canadian geese eggs was on fire. The mother was trying to save her eggs before they were burned.

Officers discovered that the nest was set on fire by someone throwing a cigarette on it, but fortunately, it didn’t kill the mother. However, the fire did destroy much of the nest. The mother sat on the eggs to try to save them. The man who saw the smoke was able to put out the fire and call for help.

Officers are looking for those who are responsible as one of the buildings nearby could have caught on fire. An organization specializing in birds helped with the injuries that the bird had on her wings and tail. The eggs were put inside an incubator, but none of the babies survived.

However, there were six goslings that the organization had rescued, so they decided to match them with the mother. The mother immediately took to the babies, and she started watching over them from the first day.

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