Her 4-Year-Old Ate A Common Household Spice, Now He’s Dead. You Need To See This Warning

Brianna Radar was the mother of a vibrant and energetic 4-year old boy who was both inquisitive and talkative. Despite that, he never didn’t follow his mother’s words of caution regarding safety.

Brianna was absolutely shocked when she discovered her son in a hazardous situation due to playing in her kitchen one day. When little Matthew was looking around in the kitchen by himself, he accessed the spice rack and ingested some cinnamon powder that was available. He started choking just seconds after the cinnamon got into his mouth. By the time Brianna got to him, it appeared like he was suffering from a seizure. The boy instantly fell to the ground. His extremely worried mother brought him to a nearby hospital without delay.

Merely 1.5 hours later, Matthew was confirmed as having passed away. Coroners has labeled his death as being an accidental one. This is due to the fact that the inhalation of cinnamon can lead to asphyxiation.

This sad story has inspired grieving Brianna to work hard to spread the word about the perils of the seemingly innocuous kitchen item. She is particularly concerned about a popular online fad called the Cinnamon Challenege, where people consume ground cinnamon in less than a minute without having any water. Doing this causes unpleasant effects such as breathing troubles and coughing. Lung collapse is even possible. Brianna is concerned that the people who participate in this challenge may just be unaware of how powerful and risky consuming cinnamon in this way can be.

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