Helpless Dog Chained To A House and Left During Historic Flood, Is Rescued By News Crew

Thousands of people left Texas when the waters in the Bravo River rose to record heights. They grabbed their most prized possessions, but unfortunately, a dog was left behind. The poor dog was left chained to the house during the flood. It seemed as though the dog would not survive because she was trapped in muddy water.

Fortunately, this dog was rescued. A local news crew was doing a report of the flooding when they noticed the dog. They acted quickly to save the dog. They jumped into the water, untied the dog and brought her inside of the boat.

The news crew took the dog to the Houston Human Society where she was treated for her ailments. She was shaken by the ordeal, but she managed to recover thanks to the medical treatment she received.

The veterinarian stated that the dog would have not survived much longer if the news crew would not have rescued her when they did. The dog will now be able to find a forever home where she will be cherished and protected. The video of the news crew rescuing the dog has been posted online. It has been viewed over 279,000 times on YouTube.

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