Heartbroken Mother Misses Her Puppies DEARLY – When She Turns And Sees THEM Just Behind A Crate!

Heartbroken Mother Misses Her Puppies DEARLY – When She Turns And Sees THEM Just Behind A Crate!

Touching to the nth degree, this story started with a special text to Rachel Sylvester, founder of Sidewalk Specials, animal rescue organization. It was in June that a text was received by Rachel. This was a plea for help from South Africa. It was a surrender of seven puppies, but the mother would not be released. Rachel retrieved the puppies who were suffering from fleas, ticks, worms and the loneliness of the loss of their mother. With the realization that mother would not last long in these deplorable conditions, Rachel was able to convince the former owner to release her to the rescue.

The mother was taken to the rescue and was very frail, given a 50/50 chance for survival. She was reunited with her puppies, witnessed as shear happiness. All but two puppies and the mother have been adopted, as of this time. This story is just one of many examples of the plight of stray animals. With the creation of Sidewalk Specials, there is a voice for these animals.

The voice of Sidewalk Specials in Rachel Sylvester. She created this organization to address the plight of animals in the Cape Town area. Through the organization, foster homes are supported for the animals and adoption events are held at Cape Town markets. These animals are high risk for euthanization, but thanks to Rachel’s organization, this can be prevented.

A Go Fund Me page has been created by Sidewalk Specials and Rachel tells her story. She states that she is 30 years old and has a degree in the performing arts. She moved to Cape Town, South Africa to pursue a career as an actor. While in Africa, Rachel became exposed to a lot of poverty and was particularly touched by the needs of animals in the area. They are those who have not received medical care and are at high risk of losing their lives.

By 2014, Rachel started a foster care program to provide for animals who were housed at the DARG Shelter in Cape Town. As her desire to help continued to grow, by 2016 Rachel started her own U.K. NPO. Sidewalk Specials was born. What stand out about this organization is that it skips the step of sheltering and goes straight to fostering. This is not without duress, due to the need for adequate funding.

With the use of social media, including a Facebook and YouTube page, Rachel is getting the news about her organization to the public. The usual amount of time it takes to re-home an animal is from three hours to five days. The average is about two dogs weekly. With more funding, the plan is to double these rates of adoption.

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