Heartbroken Homeless Man Gave His Dog Away. But 1 Year Later When He Walks In A Shelter…

In 2014, a Missouri man became homeless when he lost his job and could no longer afford to keep his home. His biggest sacrifice was the loss of his greyhound and boxer mix dog, Reece, that he was forced to surrender to the Great Plains SPCA shelter.

After a great deal of struggle, the man’s life began to improve, and he was able to get back on his feet once again. His first thought was to search on the shelter’s website and see if his former canine friend was available to be adopted. By some miracle, Reece was at the shelter. The man learned that Reece had been adopted by two different families in the last year, but he had not adjusted either time. Immediately, the man knew he had to reunite with his dog and bring him back to his proper home.

When the man arrived at the shelter, Reece recognized him immediately and joyfully ran to him. The two best friends embraced, Reece licking the man’s tears off his face. The shelter made a video of the reunion and posted it to Facebook where it has since gone viral.

The shelter said that keeping families together is part of its mission.

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