He Was Taking A Picture, But He Didn’t See THIS Behind Him. Just Wait Until You See The Rest

Some people take selfies in order to let their friends on social media know exactly what they have been up to. A lot of the time, these are fun activities, or activities that these individuals want to show off. However, there are other times when people take pictures of themselves not knowing that there is something truly astonishing in the background that they will only see later.

In this particular picture, a man is smiling with water in the background. He is wearing googles and looks happy; he appears not to have a care in the world. However, what he does not know is quite surprising, and considering what it is, he should care much more than he apparently does.

There is a shark opening its ravenous mouth and showing its sharp, jagged teeth, and it appears to be coming up right behind him.

Of course, there is the possibility that this is not a real picture. However, the appearance of the picture is such that he is smiling and carefree and just completely unaware of the danger that is approaching him from behind.

Whether this picture is real or not remains in question. If he is someone with good Photoshop skills, he could easily have found this image of the shark and created a photograph that made it look like he was in danger when in reality, it really was just a picture of him smiling with his goggles on with water in the background. We may never know.

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