He Was Lost For 2 Full Years – Watch When He Finally Hears His Human’s Voice Again!

Beagle mix Bosco went missing over two years ago. Somehow he got loose, went out to roam the world, and lost his way home. Bosco’s owners were devastated when they found their beloved dog missing.

For years they had no idea what became of him, or if he was even still surviving. It turns out that Bosco was not only surviving, but finding a way to thrive on his own.

After 764 days of living alone on the streets, Bosco learned how to follow his instincts in order to survive. He would roam near restaurants, waiting for them to throw their leftover scraps into nearby dumpsters so he could have something to eat. One evening, Bosco’s nose got the best of him. He smelled some delicious food and set out to investigate.

That smell led him directly into a cage! Luckily for Bosco, those who set the cage were actually looking to help him. They took him in and did some research. They found out his identity and found who his family was.

Despite his old family having moved since Bosco got lost, they managed to track them down to let them know that Bosco has been found! All though they have yet to be reunited, they are very excited that he has been located and is in good condition.

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