He Was Homeless And Found Grasping His Dog Tightly. What The Video Shows Next? I Lost It

Video of a homeless person’s interaction with their dog has garnered plenty of attention due to the love shown by the owner whose ability to care for the dog otherwise would be severely questioned.

The video last just under five minutes and begins by showing the three pets that are being cared for by the homeless people: two dogs named Jay and Luna, and a cat named Snots. Photos are then shown of the homeless people smiling as they hug the pets, with graphics emphasizing that judging such circumstances is the wrong approach to take.

The video emphasizes the pets’ loyalty to the homeless people, with each offering the other unconditional love.

What follows is a request for donations to an organization known as Pets for the Homeless. It’s estimated that between five to 10 percent of the homeless population has pets, so a group was established that would provide veterinary care for those pets. This allows such pets to be properly vaccinated, be spayed or neutered and receive medical care that might not be available otherwise.

The strength of the organization’s argument is that the chances of such pets surviving are actually better with homeless people than they would be in a shelter. In the latter case, they run a real risk of being euthanized.

In addition, the number of homeless animals around the country and world is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. In regard to cats, there are an estimated 70 million in that category.

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