He Was Chained Up His Whole Life. Now Watch What Happens When This Man Rescues Him!

Raising livestock is a business, which means it’s about efficiency. The creatures that are caught in this necessary business are simply unfortunate victims. Perhaps there is no ill-intent, but that doesn’t make life for industrial animals what it should be. Still, they are just animals, right? So the belief that they care about their conditions is probably just humans projecting their feeling onto senseless animals. Bandit disagrees.

Bandit, a young bull confined for his entire life, is released from captivity by Christian, a member of Gut-Aiderbichl, a German animal welfare organization. Bandit doesn’t hesitate. He walks straight into the fresh hay and celebrates – prancing, bucking, and dancing. Maybe dancing is a word too far, too human, but that is the only thing to call it. It is moving that communicates happiness. It is partying because he can, because it feels good.

Moved to a new home, Bandit continues to explore and drink in the new freedom with every step and every jump. Jumping for joy, for Bandit the bull, is real. Is it possible that he understands what has happened? Everyone who watches this can decide, but his interaction with the man that set him free does not match the raging stereotype of bull behavior.

Bandit the bull communicates something. He comes close and gently nuzzles. He enjoys being near the one who freed him. Is it gratitude or even half a ton of love? Maybe we don’t know what is in the head of this bull or maybe we do and simply can’t believe it.

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