He Was Born With Only HIs Back Legs. But What He Does Despite This Obstacle Has Me In Tears

Some people see animals struggling or with handicaps, and they dub them as not worth having around. This is so sad, considering that these animals need love more than the ones with full capabilities.

However, 17 year old Reuben Stringfellow did something very different. He heroically rescued a puppy that was physically disadvantaged. His dog gave birth to a litter, and not all of the puppies were healthy enough to be able to survive.

One of the puppies had only two legs and was fighting for her life. He could have put her down, but instead, he took her home to his mother. They decided to raise the two-legged puppy with all of the love and happiness that she deserved. They named her Faith.

She actually grew up to be a strong dog, despite missing two legs. Jude Stringfellow, Reuben’s mother, says that the name of the dog “transcends all religions because we all need something to believe in.”

As if this is not amazing enough, Faith actually became an Army sergeant. She is stationed at Fort Lewis. She has a simple, yet very important purpose; she is there to make soldiers happy.

This wonderful and resilient canine friend is an inspiration even to humans; she certainly helps and inspires soldiers who have lost their limbs in combat. Faith does a lot of traveling, and Jude frequently goes with her to her destinations.

This is just one example of how amazing and inspiring animals can bring joy to many people.

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