He Was Abandoned By His Owners And Left To Die. What A 83 Year Old Stranger Does For Him? WOW!

Ginger Lucas is 83 years-old and she suffers from osteoarthritis. However, she is not letting anything stop her from caring for a lonely dog that was abandoned by its owners. Tut is a pit bull/brindle mix who was left behind in an apartment after his owners were evicted, and this is the story of his rescue.

Lucas has stated that she felt compelled to help the helpless animal. In an interview with ABC Action News, she said she likes to treat animals the way that she would like to be treated, which is a noble approach to life. She also stated that the grateful dog has been showering her with love ever since he came home with her. Her new canine-amigo will sometimes pull her skirt when she scratches him.

Tut likely would not have made it long without Lucas’ heartfelt intervention. Sadly, Lucas made it public that she will not be able to keep Tut for much longer because of her struggling health. Her legs are starting to give out, and she is having trouble standing on them for long periods of time which would be an obstacle while trying to raise a dog.

Lucas is currently in the process of trying to find a forever home for her friend, Tut, but she admits that she is going to be very sad when she gives him away. But she knows that Tut deserves to be in a home with people who love him and where he can run around and be cared for – without the danger of  knocking over or tiring out poor old Lucas.

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