He Turns To His Brides Daughter Mid-Vow – What Happened Next Brought Spectators To Tears!

A few years ago 27-year-old NASCAR driver Brian Scott married the love of his life Whitney Kay. The pair fell head-over-heels for each other when they first met, however Whitney was not the only woman Brian was madly in love with. He also fell hard for Brielle, Whitney’s young daughter. Brian knew it was only a matter of time before he popped the big question and officially made the trio a little family.

While on vacation together in Cabo, Mexico he finally got his chance to ask Whitney. Of course she said yes. The happy couple planned their wedding for months and their big day arrived on January 25, 2014. Whitney read her vows to Brian, then Brian read his vows to Whitney. He then turned to Brielle and asked if he could tell her something too.

That is when he got down on one knee to her level and read his vows to his new step-daughter. Brian promised to her that would bring her comfort, hold her hand, skip down the street with her, say prayers with her, read her stories at night, and to help tuck her into to bed nice and tight.

At this point in the ceremony many of the guest were trying to hold back their tears, as was Brian as he continued his vows to Brielle. He promised to show her how a man should treat a woman through his relationship with her mother. He also promised that above anything else he would always be there to love, care for, and protect her.

Needless to say, there was hardly a dry-eye in that room when Brian was done!

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