He Thought He Was Going To Film His Twins Learning To Stand, What He Captures Instead? LOL!

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding things in life, however children can sometimes grow up to be teenagers who are very annoying – but, newborn babies are almost always cute. A recent video involving a father and his two twin babies has gone viral on social media.

In fact, the clip has been shared over 1.5k times. The object of the video was simple, or so the dad thought. All he was trying to do was capture his twin boys walking for the first time. Instead, what they did next was absolutely adorable and unforgettable. The camera was set up only a few feet away from the little boys, but they seemed to have a different idea in store for their director.

Rather than walking, the twin babies decided to attack their father. The twin boys tried to grab and smack the camera free from their daddy’s clutches. Of course, the father was laughing, and the moment was very cute. After a few seconds, both babies crawled after their daddy and reached for his shiny camera.

They threw him on his back and pulled at his shirt and his wrists. They jumped on him and held him down together. The twin babies then drooled all over their father’s camera, and the video ended with a an adorable final shot of them smiling.

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