He Tells His Little Girl She Is Going To Be A Big Sister. How She Reacts? Can’t Stop Laughing!

Kids have all sorts of ways of responding to the news that they are going to have little brothers and sisters. Some are extremely happy right away, while some are actually angry at the news. However, this little girl had a response that is not often seen at all.

Three year old Kathryn’s dad decided to break the news that her mom was pregnant by reading off the title of a book that was about how to be a big sister. He then told her that he was reading her this book because she was going to be a big sister. Her response was simply, “I farted.” Her dad just burst out into laughter, and she was smiling and laughing as well.

It is not clear exactly why she responded in this way, but her father definitely found it humorous, as would almost anyone watching this video. She observed her dad’s laughing reaction, and she continued to smile herself. It seems like she is adjusting to the news of being a big sister quite well, even though she hasn’t actually said so yet. She certainly does not seem upset at the news as some kids are. Perhaps she simply didn’t know how to respond, because this was very surprising news, so she just said the first thing that popped into her mind, as kids are apt to do.

One thing is for sure. There is laughter in this family’s future, and the new baby will be experiencing it as well.

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