He Takes His Beloved Wife To Her Last Chemo Treatment, Watch That Bouquet Of Flowers, Though…

He Takes His Beloved Wife To Her Last Chemo Treatment, Watch That Bouquet Of Flowers, Though…

Alissa Bousquet had been receiving chemotherapy in her fight against breast cancer at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center in Omaha, Nebraska, since December of 2015. After three surgeries, it was finally time for the milestone of Alissa’s last chemo treatment. For this important occasion, her thoughtful husband Brad planned something special to honor his wife’s bravery and to celebrate the end of her treatments. He and the couple’s four children chose to include their whole community in their unique and inspiring plan.

What better way to express the sentiment of this occasion than with flowers? But not just any typical bouquet of flowers would do for this special moment. Instead, Brad chose a dozen exquisite roses, and made a donation toward breast cancer research along with each rose. However, he still didn’t feel that this gift was adequate to express his love for his wife, his appreciation for her treatments, and his desire to help others struggling with breast cancer.

So he secretly sent a text message out to friends and family asking them to send roses through the local flower shop, and for each rose they sent to make a $10 donation to Susan G. Komen towards research for breast cancer. Brad and the children were amazed at the response they got. After they reached 500 roses, he asked that rather than keep purchasing roses, any more interested in donating would simply give to Susan G. Komen breast cancer research directly.

Over $4,500 was raised in honor of Alissa and directly to breast cancer research. All of the roses were delivered to Alissa at the hospital by four of her friends and her two teen daughters, Emmy and Megan. The roses were elegantly arranged inside of 36 vases that were placed inside of six lovely wicker baskets. The look on Alissa’s face was priceless when she received this unexpected gift.

But that’s not the end of the story. This tremendous family decided to share the love and support they had received with the other cancer patients at the hospital who were receiving treatment that day. These patients were in turn blessed with the hope, joy, and care of the Bousquet family and those who chose to give to this important cause.

It’s truly incredible how much can be accomplished when a whole community of caring people ban together to show empathy and to honor the courage of those involved in the fight against cancer. Stories like this one inspire us to see the best in others and to open our eyes to the opportunities each of us have to make a difference in the lives of others. What a challenge and encouragement!

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