He Takes A Flower Pot And Builds A Strange Contraption With Candles. It’s Purpose? Smart!

When the cold winter months arrive, you might find that you spend more money on electricity than you spend through the rest of the year. One man had an idea using a flower pot to heat his home, and once you see how he achieved this, it may be something you’ll use in your home.

The flower pots have been turned into heaters that can heat an average room. One of the benefits of these pots is that it only takes a few pennies per hour to keep the heaters running, thus saving loads on electricity bills. There is an adjustable base so that there is a decrease to furniture damage. The adjustable base makes it easier to change the candles in the heater as well.

A six-inch pot works best, and you’ll need a few washers and bolts in order to install the candles properly in the flower pots. You will also need to make a hole in the bottom of each pot so that you can get the candles inside the flower pot.

It’s best to use a tapered candle as it’s thinner and fits better inside the hole created. The base of the pot can be crafted so that it hangs from the bottom of the heater, your candles are then placed on the base allowing for light to shine through the room while heating the area. This is a very cost effective, sustainable way to keep your house warm through the winter – give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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