He Stuffs THIS Cheesy Mixture Into A Loaf Of Bread And The End Result Looks Scrumptious!

An online video channel that focuses on easy-to-make recipes shows how to add a combination of mozzarella cheese, butter, garlic and parsley into a traditional Vienna loaf of bread.

The One Pot Chef Show, which lasts slightly more than four minutes, begins by showing a small cup of butter that’s mixed with crushed garlic and chopped parsley. That’s followed by the bread, though the chef notes that any type of bread will suffice, which includes the standard loaf as well as crusty and sour dough.

That’s followed by making diagonal cuts from opposite sides in the bread, though not slicing down all the way. With the bread sliced, the mix of butter, garlic and parsley is then spread within each of the slices.

With the bread now cracked open, the mozzarella cheese is then placed within as many of the cracks as possible. The chef suggests using cheese that’s either stringy or gooey in order to fit neatly within.

Once that’s done, the bread is then placed in a foil wrap and placed on an oven tray. With a pre-heated oven of 400 degrees, the wrapped bread is then placed in the oven for about five minutes.

One that has been completed, the foil should be opened up and placed back in so that the bread can be toasted.

The final product is then shown, with the ability to easily pull it apart serving as part of the appeal of this bread. The chef then eagerly partakes of his food.

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