He Starts Playing Guitar, Then Out Of Nowhere Comes THIS Man In The Wheelchair… Unbelievable!

Playing a guitar or any other kind of musical instrument is a time consuming and can be difficult. It often takes someone who has rhythm and patience in order to master the chords and the timing that goes with each song. Jonathan Walker lives in England, he’s man who walks along the roads and plays his guitar – a traveling musician of sorts – because wants others to receive joy from his playing.

While Walker is on the road, he sees some people who have been hit hard by life’s obstacles. They have nowhere to go, so they live on the streets. Bernard Davey is one of the men he has seen living on the streets. Under all of the torn clothing, Walker didn’t know that there was some amazing talent that the man had to display.

Davey’s health slowly declined each time Walker would see him. One afternoon while Walker was playing, Davey rolled next to him in his wheelchair. Walker was playing “Summertime”, one of Davey’s favorite songs.

Several people stopped to listen to Walker play as well as view Davey sing the lyrics to the song like an expert. The video has been posted online, showing that the cover of what someone appears to be isn’t necessarily what they have to offer.

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