He Spends Hours Building A Fence For His Dog – And Right When He Thinks He’s Finished…

Human beings do all sorts of things for their beloved dogs. Some of them run all around town frantically looking for their pets’ favorite tasty treats. Some of them take the time to construct fences to keep them secure. The things they do truly run the gamut. Canines are often notorious for being energetic and lively creatures. It can sometimes be quite difficult to keep these furry cuties under control. Dogs can be major handfuls, but their owners adore them nonetheless. It’s just how things go.

This doggy owner is a man by the name of Joe Ballew. He was deeply concerned about his pet, sweet Stella. He wanted to do whatever he could to stop the spirited animal from accidentally escaping his backyard and making her way over to another person’s yard. The last thing he wanted was for Stella to get a little too overzealous and to somehow end up hanging out in their neighbor’s backyard.

It took a lot of effort for Mr. Ballew to properly construct a wooden fence for his dog. He put a lot of patience and dedication into the project. Although the building project wasn’t at all easy or quick, Ballew took it on because he cared so much about his cute pet. He wanted to go above and beyond to keep her secure and safe at all times.

Once the wooden fence was finally done, Ballew was absolutely elated. He was thrilled that his hard work was actually going to finally amount to something. He even made a point to get video footage of the actual second he presented his pet with the result of all of his careful work. Ballew announced that he was proud of his project. Stella, of course, couldn’t wait to to experience the wonders of the brand new fence. The active and dynamic dog immediately ran up to the fence and, incredibly enough, confidently and quickly jumped over it. Just like that. Her owner worked hard on that wooden fence and spent a significant chunk of time perfecting it for her and it took her literally one second to ensure that it all meant absolutely nothing!

This video clip proves to the world that dogs are more intelligent than many people think. They’re also a lot more cheeky and bold than many people think. Stella sure didn’t seem to think twice about jumping over the gorgeous new fence. It almost seemed like the dog believed that her owner put the fence there specifically for her jumping and running activities. Joe hopefully was able to quickly catch Stella after she escaped the yard. The dog was running a bit like Speed Racer so it didn’t seem like stopping her would be the easiest and most convenient task.

Dogs can be the cutest little troublemakers. They’re too adorable to stay mad at for long, however. Although Ballew had to have been frustrated by Stella’s somewhat brazen response to all of his tough work, he surely didn’t stay annoyed by her actions for a long time. If you’re ever a little irritated by a dog, all you have to do is look into his or her eyes for a quick second or two. You’ll find yourself falling in love with your pooch’s adorable charms and sweet temperament all over again, and that’s the full truth!

Mr. Ballew hopefully figured out a more effective and reliable way to keep lively Stella on his property and out of the neighbors’ hair. If the wooden fence is still there, there’s a good chance that Stella is still completely ignoring it. She’s a little too wise for any fence.

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