He Slaps The Baby – Watch What The Cat Does In Response

Felines aren’t usually known for being protectors of the realm and keeping watch over the household; in fact, most cats usually run and hide at the first sign of danger, but in this video you’ll see how one particular cat is performing the duties of an otherwise trained watchdog and refusing to give up while its owner is attempting to have a little fun by amusing his infant child.

The dad keeps on slapping the infant’s car seat to create a rocking back-and-forth motion, which is something that most babies appear to enjoy. After a few seconds of rocking the cradle, the family cat seems to perceive it as a threat to the child’s safety and goes into attack mode.

While both the father and his child seem to be enjoying the playful activity, the cat decides to get in on the action by jumping on the dad’s arm a few times. The dad continues to push the cat away and resume with the playful activity, but this cat is fierce and refuses to give up on the situation.

Eventually the cat ends up lunging at the perpetrator a few more times before finally biting the owner on his arm! The dad apparently can’t figure out which of the two activities is more amusing. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to pass it along!

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