He Sees Someone Shaking A Tiny Body – Then Realizes Puppy Was Thrown 30 Feet Into A Ditch

Most people are willing to do anything that they can to help an animal in need. There are many stories about people who have abused animals, leaving them with no food and out in the cold. A man saw a tiny body that was shaking from being in a ravine. The body belonged to a small dog. The dog’s name is Jordan, and he was missing his leg when the man found him.

Hope For Paws is an organization in Los Angeles that helped to get the dog healthy once again after the man rescued him. Jordan needed surgery because his leg had been removed right before he was thrown into the ravine where he was found.

However, the dog would first get a blood transfusion and fluids to help get him a little healthier. After a few baths and proper medical treatment, Jordan was on his way to recovery.

He was once a puppy that was abused, but someone rescued him to give him a home and to make sure that he would be the playful puppy that he is supposed to be without the fear of being abused. It only takes a moment for someone to stop and help an animal like Jordan.

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