He Says He’s Know Hillary Clinton Since She Was 19 and What He Just Announced? BOMBSHELL

He Says He’s Know Hillary Clinton Since She Was 19 and What He Just Announced? BOMBSHELL

Robert Reich, who was the Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration, has recently announced his support for Bernie Sanders in a blog post that was surely damaging to the Clinton campaign.

In his post, he wrote that he has known Hilary Clinton since she was 19. He also stated that he had tons of respect for her; however, he didn’t feel that she was the most qualified presidential candidate in the running.

Reich said that, while he thinks Clinton is the most qualified candidate for the current political system, Sanders is the most qualified candidate for the political system our country desperately needs. He wrote that, in his opinion, Sanders is doing a great job of leading a political movement for change.

Within the blog post, Reich referred to research done by Princeton University. The research analyzed over 1,700 policy issues that were brought up from 1981 to 2002. This research concluded that the average American’s preferences have an extremely small impact on public policy.

Reich also notes that, since 2002, both the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions didn’t do much but open the floodgates for even more money.

Additionally, Reich stated his disagreement with Bill Clinton’s belief that Sanders’ health plan would cause gridlock. He argued that every bold proposal for change has the power to create gridlock, and today, nothing of significance will be an easy feat.

Reich also wrote that certain detailed policy proposals are not relevant in this particular election. He feels that this election should be about making changes and putting an end to the reign of big money in our country.

He also stated that this particular election is all about power and whether or not that power remains in the hands of a few or it is distributed among the average American people.

Reich also called Sanders a political activist, saying that he tells it like it is and does a good job of living by his beliefs. He also stated that he feels Sanders is going to create an important grass-roots revolution that will help him to regain control of both the democracy and the economy.

Reich has also had loads of political success all on his own. He was named one of the Best Cabinet Members of the 20th Century by Time Magazine, an award he received for his success in raising the minimum wage. He has also worked hard to implement more fair sweatshop regulations and the Family Leave Act.

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