He Releases Pictures Of His Daughter’s Abusive BF – Puts Out Bounty On Boy’s Head

A woman living in the state of Missouri was permanently blinded in one eye after sustaining serious injuries during an attack by her boyfriend. This tragic incident caused her father to go on the offensive, offering anyone with information on the suspect’s location a reward of $500.

The 20 year old victim’s name is Chelsea Simmons. Though she was badly beaten, it is fortunate she even made it though the horrific ordeal alive. Her boyfriend, 27 year old Cedric Powe, could easily have ended her life during his violent rampage.

He Releases Pictures Of His Daughter’s Abusive BF – Puts Out Bounty On Boy’s Head

Simmons’ stepmother Melissa Zack described the victim’s feelings, saying, “She’s scared and probably will be forever.” It’s no wonder, since the perpetrator is alleged to have choked Simmons two times during the brutal beating, as well as trampled her head with his feet. Simmons spent part of the attack unconscious due to the effects of being choked.

When she received emergency medical attention, physicians ascertained that Simmons was dangerously close to being killed in this vicious attack. They’ve said that she can expect to experience ongoing pain from her injuries years into the future, and perhaps even throughout her entire lifetime.

He Releases Pictures Of His Daughter’s Abusive BF – Puts Out Bounty On Boy’s Head

Reports have surfaced tracing Powe’s whereabouts to St. Louis’ south side area. With the lure of a $500 reward, Mark Zack, the victim’s father, is hopefully that someone may come forward with information that will lead to locating Powe and allow him to have to face justice for his alleged crimes. Zack and his wife have expressed a strong desire to see Powe, also known as “Moe” caught and brought into custody so they can have assurance of Simmons’ future safety, as well as the safety of other potential victims Powe may attempt to target.

As far as Powe’s past is concerned, this incident would not be his first run in with the law regarding violence. He was arrested in 2008 for domestic battery as well as obstruction of justice. Since he plead guilty to the second charge, the first was dropped, though he served a one year prison term.

A restraining order against Powe was already in place regarding Simmons, which she had filed on December 27. Since Powe has been known by law enforcement to violate personal protection orders in the past, it comes as no surprise that he may have done so in this instance as well. The recent protection order violations reported against Powe took place as recently as 2008 and 2009.

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