He Puts A Piece Of String On Ice, Then Pours Salt Over It All. When I Saw Why I Was Impressed!

The wonders of science are all around us and are easily demonstrated by combining salt and a number of common household items. Though having a logical basis, the results seems like magical feats.

For example, salt on its own has a distinctive taste when applied to the tongue. However, mix table salt with a little flour and taste buds perceive a different sensation. Mix salt and pepper on a plate. Rub a spoon on a kitchen dish towel. Hold the spoon over the spice mixture and watch the pepper magically elevate. Static electricity easily picks up the pepper granules as the substance is lighter in weight.

Another neat trick involves placing a strand of yarn on an ice cube. Initially, the two do not stick together. But, sprinkle a little salt over the area and the ice begins melting. However, the energy removed from the equation causes the temperature to drop, which causes the yarn to freeze to the ice.

The final and one of the oldest amazing displays around involves creating magic crystals. In a bowl, add some salt, water and bluing. Pour in a bit of ammonia and mix the solution thoroughly. Take any type of paper or cardboard shape and dot the object with food coloring.

Stand the shape upright in the solution. In about 10 to 12 hours of time, colorful snowy crystals cover the shape. The paper absorbs the liquid, which eventually evaporates. Simultaneously, the solid salt molecules also rise, but cannot penetrate the paper. Instead they join together on the outside and form the wondrous image.

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