He Pulls Shivering Deer From The Water, When He Brings Him To The Sand Something Incredible…

Four fishermen in the Long Island Sound saved the life of a drowning deer. Yes, you read that right: a deer. Nobody knows for certain how this deer ended up in the middle of the Sound, but these four men were not going to turn a blind eye to this struggling animal.

Once these young men saw a strange object bobbing up and down in the distance, they instinctively steered their boat closer to the object. As they got closer, they all realized that this was no inanimate object. They could clearly see the deer struggling for life with just his head above the water.

As they got closer to the deer, they draped a rope over the deer’s antlers and pulled him as close as they could to the boat. Then they set sail towards land as fast as they could. Their trip to land took about an hour.

When they were getting close to land, these men realized that the deer was so cold that he could not walk. To address this problem, one of the crew took a life jacket, some rope, and jumped into the water to help pull this deer towards the shore.

Some people on the beach helped out by donating their towels. Some of the men hugged the deer to give him some body heat.

Thankfully, this tale has a happy ending. After some time in the sun the deer did warm up and, as mysteriously as he appeared in the water, he ran away into the distance.

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