He Pours Some Food For His Dog And The Puppy’s Reaction Is Too Precious For Words…

He Pours Some Food For His Dog And The Puppy’s Reaction Is Too Precious For Words…

Dog owners have been known to teach their pets some really amazing tricks. Kahlua, an 11-week-old yellow Labrador pup is no exception. Kahlua is already a champ at the basics like sit, stay and down, but what he is learning now is beyond adorable.

Before every feeding, Kahlua has been taught to give thanks for his food, just as his family is thankful for him. This actually makes perfect sense to most pet owners. Our animals are members of the family, often following along with our routines. Truth be told, we love and care for them, sometimes better than our human family members.

Dog’s have an ingrained pack instinct. It is in their nature to want to be included in pack activities. This is why they follow their owners around, sleep with them and become protective of them. While the family is giving thanks at dinner for all of their blessings, it is perfectly reasonable to assume Kahlua is quietly praying for the wellbeing of his pack.

On the other hand, our furry friends are highly intelligent and learning new tricks stimulates their brains. Kahlua is also exercising all of that endless puppy energy. Dog’s respond to positive praise and adoration from their owners and those yummy treats they acquire for a job well done can also be an added bonus.

Kahlua may be waiting patiently, envisioning his next walk to the dog park or the next cherished rub behind his ears while his daddy recites the Lord’s Prayer. However, if you have ever looked into your beloved dog’s eyes and felt like he was looking back into your soul, then it is quite possible that while Kahlua was eagerly awaiting the delicious taste of his next meal, he was also giving thanks for his wonderful family and his forever home.

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