He Posted A Photo Of His Sick Fiancée And Everyone Assumed He Was Mean. But The Reason? Aww!

He Posted A Photo Of His Sick Fiancée And Everyone Assumed He Was Mean. But The Reason? Aww!

We find ourselves in a day in age where so much hate and anger is posted to the internet that it’s often hard to find those feel good stories–those stories that restore our hope in humanity. We see posts about trivial arguments and petty political differences. Much of the anger that we see posted in Facebook rants, insensitive memes posted to Instagram, and short but hurtful tweets come from a fundamental misunderstanding of others’ points of view. It often takes real-life experiences to transform that anger and misunderstanding into humility and attempts at understanding.

One such experience has transformed the thinking of Florida native, Josh Streeter. His story is one of understanding and appreciation, and has become a source of inspiration for the thousands who have read his now viral message about his experience with pregnancy.

“I have a different view on pregnancy now that I’m experiencing it for myself,” he writes. That quote was part of his Facebook post, which was accompanied by a photo of Streeter holding back his pregnant fiance’s hair as she knelt in front of the toilet. His fiance, Ariana Ward, is pregnant with their first child, a baby boy. In the post, he expresses his appreciation not only for her, but for all women who are braving the effects of creating life:

“As a father and a catering fiance I can honestly say this is the best school you can attend,” he writes, “and be there every time she needs the daddy. Be the damn father and love her and remind her how beautiful she is because this is the best experience that I have ever been through.” He describes further the emotional toll that pregnancy takes on a woman, and the man’s responsibility to be there for her in those times of need.

He closes his poignant post writing, “I’ve learned so much and for all that you women go through, I respect you and you have my vote. I have a different view on pregnancy not that I’m experiencing it for myself. The best education a man could be given.”

In an era where contention flows freely on the internet, it’s refreshing to see an example of how one can change their perspective, and show recognition for something so important. It’s no wonder that Josh’s post has been shared over 35,000 times on Facebook. His writing is genuine, and his message powerful.

Pregnancy allows for a re-ordering of priorities; those involved, the man and the woman, tend to come to a realization of the amazing thing that is the creation of life and the awesome responsibility that raising a child is, and shift their goals accordingly. Josh’s post has restored that hope of the tens of thousands who have read it that we still have values, and still have the ability to understand others’ points of view.

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