He Picks Up This Lost Newborn, But Then He Hears His Mom Calling Him And THIS Happens!

Patrick was taking a break from work one afternoon recently when he heard a distressed peeping coming from the bushes. Upon investigation, he found a baby bird stuck upside down in a PVC pipe.

In addition to the baby killdeer’s distressed calls, Patrick could hear the baby’s parents frantically chirping nearby, and saw them pacing back and forth in the adjacent parking lot.

Patrick knew he had to reunite the baby bird with its parents, so he took action. He scooped up the baby bird and comforted it for a few minutes, but its parents’ panicky calls were too frantic to delay the reunion any longer. He placed the baby bird on the pavement, and it immediately hopped towards its parents.

The parents and the baby closed in on each other, and the mother bird took the baby under her wing, relieved to have her baby safe and sound.

Patrick recorded the whole encounter on video, which became popular on social media. Although he was labeled as an animal hero, not everyone agreed. There are some who criticized Patrick, saying he should not have touched the bird, but based on the parent birds’ reaction, Patrick clearly did the right thing.

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