He Passes Away Before Baby’s Born – They Take Photo of Child Being Held by His Motorcycle Gloves

Some stories just tug at the heartstrings, and here is another one. With all the violence, madness and cruelty in the world, it’s a pleasure to learn about tender stories that offer a comforting feeling, even when challenges still remain.

Take for example, a baby girl named Aubrey born in Florida. Her parents Kathryn Seable Williams and Hector Alvarez were so excited about their daughter’s impending birth. Hector was always on his motorcycle, a machine he cherished, and he made sure to always put on his protective riding gear for safety. He never wanted to miss a day with his new baby girl on the way.

Unfortunately, a very tragic event unfurled, and baby Aubrey’s daddy never got to meet his precious bundle of joy. His fiance was heartbroken, saying that a person Hector considered a friend, took Hector’s life only a month before Aubrey arrived into this world.

He Passes Away Before Baby’s Born – They Take Photo of Child Being Held by His Motorcycle Gloves

Then, an incredible concept took hold. Aubrey’s grandmother (Kathryn’s mom) lives next to a professional Florida photographer by the name of Kim Stone. The grandmother had booked a session for her daughter and baby Aubrey. Kim Stone was a bit nervous to meet her clients, since such a horrible tragedy had occurred. When she saw 3-week old Aubrey in person, however, the magic appeared.

Kathryn knew her fiance loved his motorcycle freedom so much, that she wanted to include his riding gloves in some of the photos. The photographer agreed, and the creative camera work reveals an amazing, sweet image of precious Aubrey, with her Daddy’s motorcycle gloves cradling her small head and body with his helmet sitting nearby.

The photo is gorgeous, and tiny Aubrey looks content and safe in Daddy’s arms. Kim Stone was happy she snapped that emotional photo, saying this:

“It is good, but it’s not perfect. I shared it on social media with the Mom’s permission and… it went viral.”

Almost seven million people have seen the photograph on Kim Stone’s Facebook page, and it’s received “likes” by more than 130,000 people.

The other photos of Aubrey show a cutie-pie with large blue eyes and a nice amount of brown, straight hair.

Mother and baby are doing well, as to be expected, but life is certainly not easy for the pair. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the family defray the financial losses incurred, following 25-year-old Hector Alvarez’ death.

The family says the donations raised will be put toward new and increased expenses including child/day care, health insurance premiums/co-pays, daily necessities like diapers, court costs to establish legal paternity, since the father is deceased and a college fund for little Aubrey.

You can check out the adorable and heart-wrenching famous photo of baby Aubrey with her Daddy’s motorcycle gloves here.

If this photo doesn’t stir up any emotion in you, then nothing else probably would. Trust us; this image speaks volumes about both the frailty and strength of human life.

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