He Owned This Dog Since It Was A Puppy – Watch When He Doesn’t Come Home One Night…

Driving is one of the things that you have to learn in life. Your parents can tell you all a out the many dangers that are seen, but it’s only from experience that you will notice the important details that no one can explain.

The dangers of drinking and driving are real. Some beer companies, such as Budweiser, want drivers to understand that drinking and driving don’t mix. The Clydesdale horses have always been in the commercials, but there is one that features a dog along with the horses.

Another commercial features the same dog after it has grown up and now has a human owner. The dog is sitting on the couch, watching as his owner goes out with friends. There are clips of the owner and the dog playing together.

He takes the dog out on the lake and out with his friends. When he goes out with friends who are carrying a pack of Budweiser, he tells his dog that he will see him later. The dog waits and waits for his owner.

The next morning, the door opens and the owner enters, telling his dog that he spent the night at his friend’s house because he had been drinking. This message tugs at the heart and is a PSA to get people to stay off the road while drinking and driving.

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