He Notices Something Strange With The Baby – Doctors Reveal A Shocking Truth

It truly is the little things in life that make the biggest impact. And when it comes to cuteness and the Internet, there are few things that can top something as innocent and wonderful as a little boy and his dog. But in this particular video that we’re describing, things weren’t always so simple for little boy Owen and his cute dog Haatchi. To start with, Haatchi had to deal with being tied to a railway line in the north of London when he was just a puppy. Luckily, the dog was able to survive the ordeal, but his tail was lost, and one of his rear legs was badly damaged. But instead of giving up, this hardy Anatolian Shepherd was able to make it away from the train station and hide for several days before someone found and rescued him. The puppy’s tail and rear leg both had to be amputated as a result of a bad infection, but he was in fact able to survive the ordeal.

Meanwhile, the other character in our story is a little nine-year-old boy by the name of Owen. Owen suffers from a rare condition called Schwartz-Jampel which causes its sufferer’s muscles to tense up, largely confining Owen to a wheelchair as a result. Another effect of this debilitating condition is that it impairs eyesight, and as a result of all of these things that Owen has had to deal with as a result, he also suffers from a severe level of anxiety. More socially withdrawn than is normal for a little boy of his age, Owen has had a tremendous difficulty with making new friends. Owen reported feeling quite lonely and helpless, frightened as well. It was quite a painful experience for a little boy who had already been through so much to have to go through.

This tough existence was all to quickly change for Owen. What made everything different was when Owen’s father befriended a dog trainer by the name of Colleen. Colleen actually ended up seeing a video that featured Haatchi online, and immediately knew that the dog could have a very positive effect in little Owen’s life. It turns out that Colleen was absolutely right, as Owen and Haatchi took to each other immediately. Everything was cemented between the two as soon as the giant, three legged dog who’d been rescued placed his head on top of Owen’s leg once they met. The brunt of their first weekend together was spent playing and cuddling, and Haatchi served as a way of distracting from Owen’s painful condition. Instead of wondering what might be “wrong” with Owen, people began to marvel at the immediate connection that Owen and Haatchi had made with each other. Owen and Haatchi are still friends today, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon. By bonding together, animal and human, they’re both able to surpass their physical limitations to achieve something that’s orders of magnitude greater than any of that–the power of friendship.

There’s something about kids and animals that proves to be a recipe for success when it comes to shareable content that can be found in various social media avenues. What makes this story especially special is the fact that both Owen and Haatchi are both coping with physical limitations and ailments that might set them apart from others, but only serve to bring the two of them together. It’s this kind of heartwarming story that the world desperately needs more of. So if you need a daily dose of cuteness, it might just be best that you check out this video of Owen and Haatchi.

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